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The Finest in 1/56-28mm Scale Resin WW II Tanks, Vehicles, & 28mm Accessories


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  • It's been a few months since the last update and I'm happy to announce that both the Die Waffenkammer and After 45 ranges will now be available in the U.K. and E.U. through www.trainshop.co.uk. We will be building stock over the next few weeks to get them set up. If you have any requests feel free to contact them.

  • New models for both the Die Waffenkammer WWII range and After 45 range are coming !

  • Cheers !


  • It's been a few months but I'm finally back with some new stuff for the growing AFTER 45 range !

  • Now for what most of you have been waiting for ! German E series goodness !

  • WWII gamers and collectors will be getting a whole raft of new stuff very shortly !

  • That's it for now, I will be back with more !

  • Cheers !


  • For the remainder of the month of October and for the entire month of November, orders from gaming clubs will receive a 15% discount on club orders of 10 models or more. Please contact directly for details as a PayPal invoice will have to be generated with the discount and exact postage charge included in the total. info@diewaffenkammer.com

  • New models will be out at the end of the month !

  • Cheers !


  • More to come, stay tuned !

  • Cheers !


  • What if the Second World War in Europe had not ended in May of 1945 ?
  • Welcome to the world of "AFTER 45"
  • German E-Series and late VK series tanks and APCs are in full production.
  • U.S. and British prototypes and new main battle tanks are rolling off the production lines.
  • The Soviet Union has unleashed a new wave of rolling thunder.
  • This month Die Waffenkammer finally opens the "AFTER 45" web store with these new releases.
  • For Great Britain, the A-39 Tortoise assault tank. Mastered by Richard Humble. (click image for a closer look)

  • While awaiting the arrival of new heavy armour to counter E-series advances the U.S. pressed into service mothballed AFVs and modified their gun systems.
  • Hence the T-18E3 Boarhound gun platform.
  • Armed with the same 90mm gun used by the M-36 Jackson, the Boarhound was pulled out of mothballs, had it's turret lengthen to accommodate the 90mm gun and thrown into service as a stop gap measure against the new panzers being thrown against the Western Allies.

  • Germany's new approach to standardized tank design, the "Entwicklung series" has led to these new tank destroyer designs. Fore runners to more devastating panzers yet unseen.

  • As for the Soviets, their new armour has yet to make an appearance. Glimpses of the Iosef Stalin IS-3 have been caught though, along with rumours of a yet unseen but supposedly improved T-series main battle tank.

  • More to follow !

  • First used by the British in 1944 at Antwerp during the Battle of the Scheldt, do to a shortage of U.S. built DUKW transports. The Terrapin served with the Royal Engineer assault teams of the 79th Armoured Division and were used to carry infantry units (Canadian and British) over rivers.

  • More to come !

  • Cheers !


  • One new offering to kick the month off. The T-18 Boarhound armoured car, mastered by Richard Humble. This vehicle saw limited production and was deployed in small numbers to North Africa.

  • This armoured car was much larger compared to it's smaller sibling the T-17 Staghound. Being larger than a Sherman M4A3E8 and approximately the same size as a German Panther this model will add some variety to your reconnaissance platoons.

  • More to come as the month progesses. Including something amphibious for the British and the first releases for the "AFTER 45" range of vehicles.

  • Cheers !


  • Hi folks, just over 3 months since the last new models were released. Today there are 7 new models being presented. 6 early war Russian and our first Finnish tank, suitable for the Continuation War.

  • In order of appearance: T-26 Model 1931 light tank, T-26TU Model 1931 command tank, OT-26 flamethrower tank, T-26 artillery tractor, T-26 model 1933 light tank, and the BA-10 armoured car. All are available in the Russian Vehicle shop. For those of you interested in The Winter and Continution Wars between Russia and Finland the Finnish Vickers 6 ton Mk.E with 37mm Bofors gun. This is available in the new Finland Vehicle Shop section.

  • More stuff is on the way !

  • Cheers !

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