Die Waffenkammer

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Tips and How To's

Straightening bent Barrels

1) Resin is an easy medium to work with. If you're confronted with a bent or warped barrel simply run it under hot water until it
begins to soften and then gently straighten the barrel. Immersing the barrel in cold water will reduce the time it takes for the resin
to stiffen again.

This procedure can be used on other resin components of the model.

Exercising care when bending parts is essential.

Removing Flash

1) Though we do our utmost to cast flash free, there are areas of each model where this cannot be avoided. The removal of flash is
easily achieved with the use of a hobby knife and in the case of light flash a toothbrush will work well.

Model Preparation and Priming

1) Clean thoroughly, scrubbing with a toothbrush using warm water and a dish washing liquid, rinse and dry. This will remove any
mould release residue.

2) Undercoat with a
plastic primer or an enamel based primer then use your favorite primer/undercoat over
the top of that.
When using an enamel based primer a light dusting has proved the most effective. Acrylic primers are not effective due to the
nature of the resin used in the casting process unless the model is first
undercoated with either the enamel or plastic primer.

A gentle roughing of the surface will also aid in prepping the model.

3) Undercoat and paint as normal.

Enamel and plastic primers available in the U.K.

I have been made aware of two types of these primers available in the U.K.
" Halford's Plastic Primer " ( a well known U.K.
auto parts chain) or alternatively the
" Plasti-cote " brand name which is available from " B&Q " ( a well know U.K.
D.I.Y. chain).

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